Black Designer Bucket Bag

Trendy Black Designer Bucket Bag

Why did we call it the bucket bag? The reason is that its got such a wide opening which makes it easy to fill. But that as far as this term goes. The Black Designer Bucket Bag is a luxury packaging product with a classy look.

We loved the materials for a start. The crepe effect embossed paper made from 120gsm material gives that lovely texture feel to the bag. Especially great for business in the luxury goods market where bulky products are supplied but a cumbersome piece of packaging takes away the experience.

The Black Designer Bucket Bag handle is something new. A large cutout handle also adds to the funky nature of the product. Its sturdy and robust. The 25mm slit makes it big enough for the largest mitts.

At the moment we can offer two Landscape sizes

35cm x 15cm x 22cm. Distributed in packs of 100 bags

43cm x 17cm x 28cm. Distributed in packs of 100 bags

And they are available in Black and White

You can also see the sizes by clicking the drop down menu below which also provides details of the specification for the size by stating the pack quantity, nominal thickness, handle details as well as the size.

There are also  our other  luxury bags if the Trendy Bucket Bag is not for you

When you decide the bag you require, add them to your cart. Then simply proceed to pay, adding any discount code on the way.

We will despatch your Trendy Black Designer Bucket Bag through our courier service.