Silver Satin Sale Ribbon

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Material Type: 100 polyester
Size (single item): 12mm x 100yds
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Our Silky Silver Satin Sale Ribbon

Our Silver Satin Sale Ribbon is 100% Polyester material. You make good use of it as a decorative packaging solution to improve your product wrapping. Our customers compliment their packaging and style by adding our 9mm coloured satin ribbon. We also supply other sizes. You can choose from 7mm, 9mm, 15mm, 23mm and 39mm. Minimum order quantities may apply. Other uses of Coloured Satin ribbon are straps for Medals and Medallions, Florists materials, Arts and crafts applications. Coloured Satin Ribbon is also utilised in the Fashion industry and also as a hair accessory. We supply Our reels in 100 yards spools.

You can see the size and other ribbon details of the specification. We have other coloured ribbons in our satin range for you to choose. Or, consider our other types of ribbon.

When you have decided how many reels you require, add them to your cart. Then simply pay, adding any discount code on the way.

We will despatch your Silver Satin Sale Ribbon through our courier service.

If you are interested in the charges for printing on this product, please enquire about printed ribbon through our enquiry form on the website.

Note: The image colours may vary compared to the photograph colour. Please ask for a sample.

Silver Satin Sale Ribbon. Packaging solutions by Pac-hs

Pac-hs Silver Satin Sale Ribbon is part of our coloured satin collection. 39 colours available there will certainly be something to suit you.

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