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New Year can mean Starting a new business

It usually ends with the words, “Arghhhh I need bags……”
January and the New Year together with those making new resolutions is a key time for people to start or start thinking about a new business.
Key times are often what sparks that light bulb moment whether it’s a birthday, a piece of shock news, a change in status or similar external event, or simply “I woke this morning with this great idea”.
So it ends with I need some bags. They are usually the last thing you think about in the scale of the things which you will have to deal with and we will come round to all them.

Planning my Bags

So let’s give a thought to the humble carrier bag, because when you start to promote your business either at exhibition or event when you trying to get your name out there or if you are selling over the counter in a point of sale environment you want your brand out on the high street where you can be seen.
I am going to take you straight to the end and help you with this challenge. So you need bags. But how many? Well as a new business you won’t want to spend vast amounts of money and most definitely you won’t want to have to store boxes and boxes of the blighters.
Identity is the Key it can come with plastering your name across the bag or by placing your eye catching logo which will be recognised by. But it can also come from a house colour which is recognisable in your locality.
With this in mind there are three options which dictate the price:

  1. A coloured bag from our stock range- Make it your house colour
  2. An overprinted coloured bag from our stock range – Low-cost outlay
  3. Bespoke Printed bag –Low unit cost.

I started with the end of needing bags, and we will return to building the idea of designing your bag next time.
What Next
If you are looking at starting your own business, then you should discuss your plans with professional advisors such as an accountant. They will help you to look at some of the financial impacts your idea holds such as:
Are you the right person to be successful at running your own business?
Do you have enough funds to put into the business?
Are you familiar with the legal requirements of running a business?
IMPORTANT –How much will you earn in the first year?
These are just some of the questions to look at, and there will be more in the next edition.
A new business and idea can be both very rewarding satisfying but do your homework. If you do need help or assistance on starting up a new business then speak to McGinty Demack Limited
David Richardson.

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