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Do a Packaging Spring Clean


Its that time of year when we start to see longer days and better weather and the time when businesses in the retail and gift trade, with Easter and Fathers Day, hope to see an increase in footfall in the shops and businesses. Sadly this year due to COVID 19 we are going to miss part of this season but hopefully the 12th April will bring us a re-opening of our businesses and the start of a long awaited recovery.

Do a Packaging Spring Clean
Pac-hs shines light on your packaging

As with most businesses in our sector we have managed to stay open online to support our customers with products that suited their new methods of trading. Our popular Wrapture tissue range has been essential for a lot of our customers to provide that little extra when sending out products online.

We are looking forward like most to the reopening of businesses who have been forced to close due to the pandemic. We have been busy restocking and evaluating new products which we hope will help our customers to boost sales.

Cats and Kittens wrapture printed tissue
Our new Cats and Kittens Printed Tissue

We have new exciting printed Wrapture tissue lines now available to order on our website along with existing prints and our vast range of colours.

With the re-opening of shops and retail units on the horizon, now is the time to look at your packaging to make you stand out. Look to bring colour and something a bit new and different to your business. We all currently need a little colour and excitement in our lives.

Our summer and spring range of bags are ideal for making you stand out from the crowd. You can also compliment these bags with our coloured Wrapture tissue or even better choose a completely opposite colour. Be different. Be bold.

Twisted paper handle carrier bags summer range
Our fabulous summer range

We have realised how important our environment is and if your keen to support this through your range take a look at our Eco bags and products.

Our gift wrap range is also available in recycled paper with a great range of colours and styles.

We are looking now with optimism at moving our business forward. Coming out of our enforced hibernation and bringing quality exciting products and new ideas to the market.

If you need any help with an idea or just samples to work out what best fits your brand give us a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to help.

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Coloured Flat Paper Bags

Flat paper bags are still the real deal.

Flat Bags

It’s not just a low cost way of packaging small purchases. The traditional flat counter bag has a range of uses.

Flat paper bags make a super Children’s party bag without breaking the bank of Mum and Dad.

They work well for Fetes and Fund Raising events. And with many colours to choose from there should be one that works for you.

Let us know how you use them and we’ll share any unique and novel ideas.

At £20.90 for 1000 bags.

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Wholesale Gift Bags

Whether you run a shop or an internet business wholesale gift bags provide the finishing touch to impress your customer.

Our business supplies a selection of wholesale gift bags which offer a variety of options to suit the budget.

We have a selection of Carrier bags which are used particularly as Gift Bags. Your customers can use these as a gift bag to give the present they have purchased. Compliment these with coordinated tissue paper and you have the perfect solution. Our off the shelf products means that you can either order online or call our sales team. Take a look at our new range of Mosaic bags.

Mosaic Designer Bags
Mosaic Designer bags

Gift bags do not need to be a high cost product. The Mosaic Range shown above are an example of a Twisted Paper Handle Carrier Bag seen as a widely used carrier bag but styled with a classy generic design.

The gift bags are not just a range of Rope Handle carrier bags but also include a selection of pouches Bottle bags and flat counter bags. With all these options make us your one stop shop for wholesale gift Bags

As a wholesale buyer you can take bulk discount advantages from most of our range.

Support you gift bags with our ribbon, tissue and gift warp.

Of course if you require our wholesale gift bags to be be branded then we can assist you in doing this.

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Paper Carrier Bags

One of the benefits of opting for a Paper Carrier Bags is that they come in many shapes and sizes. This is particularly ones which are constructed with Rope handles. Rope handle carrier bags are more likely to be hand made or hand finished making them more versatile in their design.

Printed Paper Carrier Bags

This type of carrier bag facilitates greater design options with applications and coatings such as Hot Foil, Embossing, Lamination, Handle styles and Closures.

We can provide advice on the various Paper Carrier Bags styles and finishes which can be achieved to promote your business, products services and brand.

If you require any assistance on selecting the right Paper Carrier Bags for your business don not hesitate to give our sales team a call. Or send us your enquiry for a quote

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Bio degradable Bags. We did a little experiment without knowing it.

Storing our samples of oxo-degradable bags in the same container as our starch-based biodegradable bags started the process of degradation. Whereas samples stored as we normally do on our sample rails were intact. It looks like the starch which decomposes may have triggered the biodegradation process. It was an unintentional and uncontrolled experiment but the results can be seen for themselves. We are often asked- does it degrade and how long does it take? The samples have been around for a 2- 3 years.

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New Vogue Luxury Carrier Bag Range

Vogue’s got Class check our New Vogue Luxury Carrier Bag Range

It’s always been our aim to provide a good range of Luxury Ribbon Handle Carrier bags. As part of this strategy, we have overhauled our Vogue range replacing both the bicolour and old vogue with an exciting new collection of subtle and rich colours. You can choose from the following different Colours: Grey, Dark Blue, Pink, Dark Brown, Turquoise, Red Black, Beige and traditional White. Then you can select which ones of the 5 sizes ranging from 14x 7 x 14 cms up to 54 x 14 x 44cms in most of our colours.vogue carrier bag range

If you are looking for a touch of class then choose class with our 2018 Vogue collection.

Try any of these by ordering online

We also have a selection of our previous colours and luxury Bicolor ranges which are available at discounted prices

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Going Back to our roots we have moved to Standish

Going Back to our roots

Pac-hs are going Back to our roots at Standish. As well as getting ourselves prepared for GDPR other things have been going on. This year has been a big year for the team at Pac-hs. After over 14 years at Towngate at Leyland, we decided to move back to relocate to Standish the place were Pac-hs was first launched.

vermont house

The move is a leap forward. Our modern offices in Vermont House at Standish are in keeping with our progressive approach and fits in with working in conjunction with our sister company McGinty Demack. Pac-hs are going Back to our roots also brings the benefit of shared services helping us to be more efficient and suppress most price increases which the market has been seeing over the past 1-2 years.

The move sees our business enter its next stage of development. We will continue to focus on our key products such as Carrier bags and Wrapture Tissue Paper. Also bringing in new products not just in our existing range but also entirely new products

Find out where we are.

Please read our posts in the coming months. If you haven’t registered for our newsletter we recommend you should do this to benefit from our discounts. You can register by using the enquiry form

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Business StartUp

New Year can mean Starting a new business

It usually ends with the words, “Arghhhh I need bags……”

January and the New Year together with those making new resolutions is a key time for people to start or start thinking about a new business.

Key times are often what sparks that light bulb moment whether it’s a birthday, a piece of shock news, a change in status or similar external event, or simply “I woke this morning with this great idea”.

So it ends with I need some bags. They are usually the last thing you think about in the scale of the things which you will have to deal with and we will come round to all them.

Planning my Bags

So let’s give a thought to the humble carrier bag, because when you start to promote your business either at exhibition or event when you trying to get your name out there or if you are selling over the counter in a point of sale environment you want your brand out on the high street where you can be seen.

I am going to take you straight to the end and help you with this challenge. So you need bags. But how many? Well as a new business you won’t want to spend vast amounts of money and most definitely you won’t want to have to store boxes and boxes of the blighters.

Identity is the Key it can come with plastering your name across the bag or by placing your eye catching logo which will be recognised by. But it can also come from a house colour which is recognisable in your locality.

With this in mind there are three options which dictate the price:

  1. A coloured bag from our stock range- Make it your house colour
  2. An overprinted coloured bag from our stock range – Low-cost outlay
  3. Bespoke Printed bag –Low unit cost.

I started with the end of needing bags, and we will return to building the idea of designing your bag next time.

What Next

If you are looking at starting your own business, then you should discuss your plans with professional advisors such as an accountant. They will help you to look at some of the financial impacts your idea holds such as:

Are you the right person to be successful at running your own business?

Do you have enough funds to put into the business?

Are you familiar with the legal requirements of running a business?

IMPORTANT –How much will you earn in the first year?

These are just some of the questions to look at, and there will be more in the next edition.

A new business and idea can be both very rewarding satisfying but do your homework. If you do need help or assistance on starting up a new business then speak to McGinty Demack Limited

David Richardson.

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Wrapture Tissue News

Wrature Product News

 Wrapture Tissue News

Our latest Wrapture Tissue News :

As part of our cooperation with our network of suppliers we are pleased to advise that we have recently undertaken a visit to one of our leading suppliers. The manufacturer of Wrapture tissue invited us to take a look around the factory which makes the quality range of coloured tissues that we have been supplying for a number of years into the UK market.

We are proud to be the first UK visitor to visit the site which is over 100 years in existence with the same ownership. During the visit we were able to see first-hand the production process which uses a high grade of recycled materials needed to give the paper its quality and consistency which we have become familiar with. We also able to see the printing process which is definitely a growing product range and one we have been part of for a number of years with our range of stock prints.

Finally have a look at what we can offer:

Colourerd Tissue in reams

printed Tissue in Half reams

Metallic Tissue per 100 sheets

Retail Packs


David Richardson

Look out for our discount coupon on Twitter this week

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flat paper counter bags update: 7 Ways To Use

flat paper counter bags update

At Pac-hs we’re a bit bored of seeing the usual candy striped style flat bags so, we’ve given flat bags a make-over! We’ve got a selection 13 bold colours for you to give your packaging a refresh.

Colours range from bright lime to pale pink to pure black, so there will be something to suit all brands and businesses.

But what are flat bags used for? Why are they so popular?

We’ve compiled a list of 7 ways you can use flat bags but there are definitely more out there!

flat bags circle

  1. Cards – whether it be greeting cards or postcards, our flat bags are the perfect size to fit them in and stop them getting bent and ruined.
  2. Sweets – have a sweet shop? Flat bags are perfect! Great size, more environmentally friendly than using plastic bags AND, the bright colours will be very appealing to the kids.
  3. Stationery – why waste a full size carrier bag on a pack of pens? Our flat bags are less than 2p/bag – an absolute bargain!
  4. Jewellery – great size for holding rings, bracelets and earrings and stops them getting damaged or lost from being amongst other shopping in a larger bag.
  5. Cosmetics – there’s nothing worse than getting home and finding your brand new blusher all cracked from being jostled around inside a large carrier bag with all your other shopping.
  6. Souvenirs – have a shop in a tourist location? Flat bags are easy for your customer to travel home with as it doesn’t leave them with hands full of bags. Use them for all your small goodies.
  7. Small gifts – to be honest, the possibilities are endless! Flat bags will fit all kind of gifts and items from lighters to sunglasses and candles to small ornaments. You’ll be surprised what you can get in them and their durability!


These are just some of the ways Flat Bags can benefit your business. Show us how you use your flat bags in the comments below.


Order your flat bags by clicking HERE.
If you’d like a free sample of any colours, call us on 01257 400451