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Bottle bags

Full bodied Bottle bags

Our range of Bottle bags is popular with both our winery shop and wine merchant customers. Wine paper carrier bags are ideal for use as single bottle bags. Or as their other use as boutique bags.

The wine bags are twisted paper handle paper bags and are available in six colours: Red, Green, Blue, Black, White, and Brown Kraft. They are made to carry a standard size for a single bottle of your favorite.  The size is 15 cm width x 8 cm gusset x 39.5 cm’s height. The wine paper carrier bags are made from a 120 gsm Ribbed Kraft Paper. The choice of materials makes them both a strong but also a very cost effective way of packaging and carrying bottles. So, it’s ideal for handing over that bottle ready gift wrapped.

In fact, bottle bags are used by other customers to carry similarly sized and shaped products as a wine bottle. Like some of our clients who have used our wine paper carrier bags as boutique bags. Using them to promote Perfumes and Health shop products.  An example of this other use is for the packaging of large candles.  So, although these carrier bags are produced predominately for the wine trade, they are capable of being used to package  in the Chemists, Gift shops and retail sectors who wrap tall narrow objects. Making them ideal boutique bags as well as bottle bags

Here’s a thought, why not add tissue and ribbon to add that finishing touch to our wine paper carrier bags

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