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Wrapture Luxury Tissue Paper

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Go for Quality with our Wrapture Luxury Tissue Paper

Pac-hs is a proud distributor of Wrapture Luxury Tissue Paper supply this range for over eight years.

The high-quality range of luxury brightly coloured tissue papers is available in single ream each containing 480 sheets. The tissue sheet size is 500 x 760mm. The material is soft to touch tissue paper and comes in over 70 different colours.

Our Wrapture tissue paper is ideal and commonly used for gift wrapping. But, it can also be used for Pom Pom production or other art and craft techniques. Wrapture Luxury Tissue Paper is used extensively in Boutiques, Luxury Gift Shops, Art Galleries, and many other retail outlets. As a counter wrap with such a wide range of shades, it may be possible to obtain a colour to match or complement your house colour or brand.

The range of colours continues to grow we added Cream, Pale Mint, Blue Breeze, Shadow Grey, Lilac Perfume and Sandstone to our range.

Browse our online section to see all the colours held in our extensive stock range. Feel free to request colour samples to evaluate the selected shade.

Wrapture LogoThe Wrapture Luxury Tissue Paper is made from a recycled grade of paper and coloured consistently, with high fade resistant and bleed resistant properties.

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