Printed Bags

We want your packaging to speak for itself with our printed bags. Therefore, we always recommend professional branding. Our marketing team can advise you on all matters of selection.
For example, you may already own digital artwork which can be used to produce origination or we can assist in offering alternatives from existing brand or logo to proposing a new concept. As part of this process we will consider the type of goods being packaged and offer the best solution to meet your needs from a practical and promotional point of view.

If you know what type of bag you want, please complete our online enquiry form.

We can offer you small quantities of personalised stock bags. For outstanding invoices or deposits, pay over the phone.

Paper Carrier BagsPrinted Paper Bags

Paper carrier bags are supplied to a wide range of markets from the luxurious boutique, where image is the objective, to tape handle carrier bags at competitive prices. You can choose from twisted paper handles, flat tape handles, luxury rope handles, luxury ribbon handles and cut-out/punched out handles.


Plastic Carrier BagsPrinted Plastic Bags

Plastic carrier bags have great versatility and can offer a very cost effective way of promoting your business. These are supplied to a wide range of retail businesses for exhibition advertising. You can choose from 7 different styles, or for a more upmarket packaging product, you can choose carrier bags with rope or tube handles.


Reusable Carrier BagsPrinted Reusable Bags

Suit or garment covers are commonly only used to protect garments in the retail environment. A range of garment covers are available in different materials and substrates. Also available is a new patented side entry product which is particularly useful for storage and access.