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Promote with a Drinks Coaster

We can supply printed drinks mats or drinks coasters. These are ideal for promotional gifts or event giveaways. It is a cheaper alternative to a printed cup or advertising mug. Photographic print quality is possible to make the mats stand out from the cup.

We recently supplied a new company with a cork-based drinks mats to promote a new software product at an exhibition they attended.

The promotional item was superbly printed light weight and came wrapped in a protective cover.

Case Study ReviewIT Accounts

Drinks coasters or Drinks mats are a brilliant way to advertise your business service or products.

A recent example would be a new business who used a printed drinks mat as an alternative to a business card for exhibiting at an exhibition.

The benefits of this choice is that you are offering something of use. This results in a greater chance that the visitor will retain and therefore remember your business. You can also add more advertising scope on the coaster.

In the example, the client used a QR code to take the prospect to the website and a special, discounted deal.

The coaster was recently used for promoting a new software application for accountants.

The business opted for a renewable option. The coaster was printed on paper board and then backed on traditional cork. This option was an alternative to plastic or other less environmental options, while printing on plastic gave a high quality print finish in colour depth and clarity.

How to Specify your Drink Coaster

Standard sizes:

8cm, 9cm or 10cm in circular or square, or customised shapes and sizes are available within our range

We offer the following materials types to make your coaster. see the descriptions below:

  • Cork is a natural material harvested from cork oak tree sources.
  • Absorbent paper Sometimes known as blotting paper which is very absorbent
  • MDF–Synthetic wood and wood. The main raw material is wood fiber or other plant fiber. MDF coaster configuration is Paper/full colour printing and MDF 2mm and wood 1mm
  • Grey Chip Board–A paper based product. Grey cardboard is produced from recycled waste paper.
  • PVC(hard/soft) — Soft PVC/Hard PVC.
  • PP — short for Polypropylene. An eco-friendly material, a thermoplastic resin made from propylene polymerization.
  • Ceramics– Ceramic materials are a kind of inorganic non-metallic materials formed and sintered. Ceramic coaster craft: UV printing on ceramic and cork
  • EVA– short for ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. New environmental protection plastic foam material. Configuration: paper printing on EVA
  • Tinplate– SPTE, also known as tin-plated iron, it is an iron sheet coated with tin on both sides, that is, cold-rolled low-carbon thin steel plate. Craft: Custom printing and cork base.
  • Bamboo– A natural material harvested from bamboo. Craft: silk printing on bamboo
  • Felt –A fabric from animal wool. Craft: silk printing on felt

You can set out your artwork on our templates  to see how your design will look.  DOWNLOAD PDF HERE

Our Print options available to best suit your design are :

Silk printing (best for solid colour or multiple solid colours,

Full colour printing

Additional options:

Oiled edge- to improve water proofing and enhance the side edge view on wood based coasters

Surface Finish-to the printed coaster top

Glossy finish

Matt finish;


Our coasters are normally supplied each in a clear cellophane type wallet to protect so that they arrive in pristine condition. if an alternative is require please detail your requirements on our enquiry form. We can offer boxed coasters, shrink-wrapped, Packaged in an opaque outer package. If required the individual coaster package can be printed.

Minimum Order Quantity MOQ

500 units

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