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Paper Carrier Bags

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If you are looking for Carrier Bags especially paper carrier bags then you have found the right place. Pac-hs have an extensive range of Paper Bags, all to order from our stock on line. These include in our wholesale carrier bags range: Twisted Handle Carrier Bags with our Spring, Summer , Autumn and Winter collections. These form our Retail Bags selection.  Together with Flat Tape Handle Carrier Bags and Flat Bags form part of our Wholesale Carrier Bags range. For Luxury items we have a range of Fashion Bags and Boutique Bags in our Luxury Bags which include; Rope Handle Carrier Bags and Ribbon Handle Carrier Bags. And then of course there are our Bicolour Bags and Designer bags which are fashion bags and are also in our printed bags range. We have range of  special retail Bags which include Bottle Bags  and Cake Bags. There is a vast choice of coloured carrier bags across all the Paper Carrier Bag ranges, and sizes range from extra small to extra large – something to suit all your needs. Take a look below at the ranges of stock bags we offer.

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