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Non Laminated Rope Handle Carrier Bags

Recycled Non Laminate Rope Handle Carrier Bags

Our Non Laminate Rope Handle Carrier Bags are one of the luxury ranges of Rope handle carrier bags available from Pac-hs. A good choice of high street bags. In this range, customers can choose from the following colours: Brown Kraft, Ivory, and Black. These luxury bags are popular with customers who are looking to buy retail bags. Also, customers looking for fashion bags will benefit from the option of 4 sizes. The sizes range from 22 x 10 x 27 cm, 32 x 10 x 27 cm, 42 x 13 x 37 cm and 54 cm x 14 cm x 44 cm. Some of this range are coloured bags but the brown Kraft is a natural recycled finish with no printing. These are also included in our recycled bags range

The bags are made from recycled paper and the material thickness is 170 gsm for all the products in this range. Choose one of the product colours and see the size options which are available.

Rope handle carrier bags are a major part of our fashion bags collection.

The Non Laminate Rope Handle Carrier Bags are strong retail bags. This strength will help to reduce the risk of breakage in most normal situations. Customers have used these types of coloured bags for presentation and packaging of higher values items. Customers who use these regularly are in Homewares, Art Galleries, and Boutiques.

You can also choose from our other luxury bags range alternatives MattGloss or our Pearl finish Laminated bags. Plenty of choice in our high street bags collection.

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