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Striped Wrapture Printed Tissue Paper

Our Striped Wrapture Printed Tissue Paper is a collection of designs within our Wrapture printed Tissue Range. This high quality range of luxury printed designer tissue is sold in individual half reams containing 240 sheet. The sheet size is 500 mm x 750 mm. Our Striped Wrapture Printed Tissue Paper contains Red Stripes, Green Stripes, Gold Stripes, Silver Stripes, Red Broad Stripes, Tan Broad Stripes, Gold Broad Stripes, Silver Broad Stripes and Rainbow Stripes designs 1, 2, and 3.

There are over 98 standard design printed tissues available and our other collections include: Animal Dots, Stripes, Gingham, Valentines, Special Occasion, Christmas,Floral, Patterned and Die cuts.

Browse our on line selection to see all the print designs held in stock. Just request a free sample to evaluate the right one for you.

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