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Wrapture Printed Tissue Paper

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Pac-hs is a proud distributor of Wrapture Printed Tissue Paper. The high quality range of luxury printed designer tissue paper is sold in individual half reams containing 240 sheets, the sheet size is 500 x 750mm. Pac-hs boast a stock range of around 35 designs, they include ranges of animal prints, floral prints, patterned prints, Valentine’s and Christmas prints, and die-cut edge prints. Its use is ideal for gift wrapping, and for special occasion as well as for promotional purposes. Wrapture Luxury Printed Tissue is used extensively in Boutiques, Luxury Gift Shops, Art Galleries, and many other retail outlets. As a counter wrap with a large number of designs it may be possible to obtain a theme to compliment your business type or brand. A high specification of soft to touch tissue paper in over 98 different designs available.

Browse our online section to see all the colours held in our extensive stock range. Just ask to request FREE print samples to evaluate the selected design.

The tissue is made from a recycled grade of paper and coloured consistently, with high fade resistant and bleed resistant properties.

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