Violet Twisted Paper Handle Carrier Bags

QuantityBulk Purchase Pricing
4 - 75% Discount
8 - 117% Discount
12 - 1412% Discount
15 - 1914% Discount

Warm Rich Coloured Violet Twisted Paper Handle Carrier Bags

Our Violet Twisted Paper Handle Carrier Bags are made from white Kraft paper. These bags are part of Winter range of twisted paper handle carrier bags. They are available in 6 sizes.  

These Paper Carrier bags are part of our Autumn range of carrier bags. The carrier bags in this range are printed bag with an overall background Violet colour. But we do have a range of unprinted and recycled bags. These are retail bags and are available in 5 sizes.  

You can see the sizes by clicking the drop down menu below which also provides details of the specification for the size by stating the pack quantity, nominal thickness, handle details as well as the size.  

When you decide the size(s) you require, add them to your cart. Then simply proceed to pay, adding any discount code on the way.  

We will despatch your Violet Twisted Paper Handle Carrier Bags through our courier service.  

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Or, if the colour you are looking for does not appear in the summer range try our Summer or Autumn collections. These are also contained in our Wholesale carrier bags range.    

If you prefer unprinted or recycled bags, then we can supply these also. Then you might consider our other twisted paper handle carrier bags. These are our spring range of wholesale bags.   


Violet Twisted Paper Handle Carrier Bags are now available at discounted prices for bulk quantities. Please see our price structure for the percentage reductions.     

When you add the products to your basket, proceed to check out.  We reduce the price accordingly depending on the quantity ordered.   

If you are a retailer then we have other retail bags which may be suitable for your requirements.    

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