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Black Organza Sheer Pouches

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Black Organza Sheer Pouches are an excellent low cost but high quality packaging solution. They are great for packaging small gifts such as jewellery, crystals and more!


Bulk Savings Available
Qty Saving
5 - 9 packs 2.5%
10 - 19 packs 10%
20 - 29 packs 12.5%

Sharp Black Organza Sheer Pouches

Pac-hs Black Organza Sheer Pouches are ideal for use as luxury packaging but very much as an affordable option for gift wrapping. Also referred to as Sheer pouches because of the texture of material.
They are ideal for wrapping items such as

  • Small gifts
  • Jewellery
  • Crafts
  • Collectables
  • Antiques
  • Cosmetics

They quick to pack the product or gift and can be closed with a drawstring closure made from delicate ribbon colour tuned to the sheer material of the bag.
Using Black Organza Sheer Pouches to package your product or gift carries many benefits
The sheer nature or the material allows the contents to be partially displayed but not completely visible. Almost veiled.
For such a stylish packaging solution they are low cost providing an excellent opportunity to add that luxury image to the end product or gift

Gift Pouch Choices

Pac-hs can supply these in Small minimum order quantity and they are available in a selection of colours:

  • Black Organza Sheer Pouches,
  • Brown Organza Sheer Pouches
  • Red Organza Sheer Pouches
  • Green Organza Sheer Pouches
  • Gold Organza Sheer Pouches
  • Hot Pink Organza Sheer Pouches
  • Ivory Organza Sheer Pouches
  • Light Blue Organza Sheer Pouches
  • Light Pink Organza Sheer Pouches
  • Lilac Organza Sheer Pouches
  • Ocean Blue Organza Sheer Pouches
  • Orange Organza Sheer Pouches
  • Red Organza Sheer Pouches
  • Silver Organza Sheer Pouches
  • Turquoise Organza Sheer Pouches
  • White Organza Sheer Pouches

And we offer the most popular sizes Popular sizes

  • 7cm x 10cm
  • 12cm x 15cm
  • 5cm x 23cm
  • 14cm x 33cm

Our customers, like you may, be from the some of the following businesses

  • Fashion
  • Jewellers
  • Online goods

If you would like more information about the suitability of Organza sheer pouches please do not hesitate to contact us. Or view our general range of Pouches
Black Organza Sheer Pouches are now available at discounted prices for bulk quantities. Please see our price structure for the percentage reductions.
When you add the products to your basket and proceed to check out the price is reduced accordingly depending on the quantity ordered.


The need for good packaging advice can arise for a number of reasons. For example, your packaging may represent your brand or to promote your business. Therefore, if you have to package your products, it is considered as free advertising. Getting it right is very important.

Technical Background

Packaging advice provided by the Pac-hs professional team offers inspired and practical solutions to packaging development and product enhancement. The Technical Department is led by David Richardson, as well as being the qualified environmental expert he has assisted the likes of Marks and Spencer PLC with their point of sale packaging changes. The graphics team working for our customers provide technical and design advice on the brand. Having experience in quality assurance and also packaging consultancy the Pac-hs technical are a good choice. Look to Pac-hs to provide excellent guidance in the supply of packaging products whether it is Carrier bags, Wrapture Tissue, Gift Wrap, Boxes, Ribbons, Pouches and Sale packaging .

Types of Advice

Pac-hs customers may require assistance in changing or developing their packaging in which case we look at:

  • Material Suitability
  • Print Requirement
  • Finishing Methods
  • Transit and Storage Limitations

Product Selection

Pac-hs are available to help with advice on Packaging Product selection, branding and also with environmental considerations and characteristics when designing the product.
The Pac-hs team are also able to help with developing a packaging specification, having products tested or assessed, creating or re-engineering your current product specifications.

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