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Stock Products

The Pac-hs stock products range continues its evolution based on customer expectation.Stock Products

The minimum order quantity of one full carton. This suits most business’s needs. Whether your need is urgency or small lots we can deliver. There is also discounts available for larger quantities. Pac-hs efforts to hold cost down means you can rely on them being one of the cheapest suppliers of this type of packaging product. Price is important, but that is never at the expense of the quality of the product which remains at a very high standard.

As the range has evolved, the stock has been designed to colour coordinate different types of stock product. Bags the same colour as Wrapture Tissue the same colour as Ribbon the same colour as Gift Wrap. As well as bags being available in the same colour, you can also choose from several different sizes. It is possible to adopt a house colour brand using different packaging mediums.

When customers find the products they like these are easy to order by telephone or email or of course on-line through this eCommerce website: Choose the product, size and quantity add them to your basket and checkout. You can pay securely using a credit card. Once you have placed an order, then we ensure quick delivery of the stock is of our paramount importance. We operate with courier services based on next day delivery nationally.

Some of our stock products are available to be overprinted or labelled.


Promotional carrier bags, wholesale gift bags, paper carrier bags, printed carrier bags and wholesale shopping bags.